Vector Consulting Services - Newsletter February 2020


Highlight: Industry Trends—Results from Vector Client Survey

Practice: Cybersecurity Hacks

Focus: Vector Forum 2020 "Ensuring Engineering Competitiveness"

Stimulus: Optimistic in the new year


Dear Customer,

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Poet prince Goethe knew it, and it is still valid today. Many things remain lying around because one is not quite sure. "One should" is the grave of many ideas. Vector Consulting accompanies you in your changes. Read the trends from our customer survey here and plan today the Vector Forum on June 25 on the current topic "Competitive Engineering". Looking forward to your feedback!

Yours, Dr. Christof Ebert
Managing director of Vector Consulting Services
Passion. Partner. Value.

Highlight: Industry Trends—Results from Vector Client Survey

What moves companies? How can cost pressure, quality and innovation be combined? Learn from our customer projects about the trends and challenges you recently voted to the top in the survey. ACES (Autonomy, Convergence, Ecology, Services) transform all high-tech industries. Is this really true? Read our trend analysis and measures to start the new decade successfully. The resulting study "Industry Trends 2020" with concrete practical tips is now available online for free. Many thanks to all participants of the survey.

Directly proceed to the survey results with trends and guidance (PDF). . .

Practice: Cybersecurity Hacks

One trend is sure to be in for 2020: Cybersecurity. As a market leader, Vector will set the course, from security tools to the efficient application of current standards. What are the first experiences with the introduction of ISO 21434 and UN-ECE? How can excessive costs of security be limited? What is actually good enough? Read our overview of security along the lifecycle with very practical "hacks"...

To the presentation "From TARA to PenTest". . .

Watch the Vector YouTube video with Security highlights. . .

Learn from real professionals and join Vector Security Symposium for free. . .

Focus: Vector Forum 2020 "Ensuring Engineering Competitiveness"

At the Vector Forum 2020 you can experience practical presentations and discussions from various industries on the topic of "Ensuring Engineering Competitiveness". Learn from experts and leading companies how to keep your R&D, IT and engineering competitive. Current consulting projects on digital transformation and AI, systems engineering and continuous everything show how to implement them in practice. Within the Vector Forum we invite you to network over lunch. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your network and exchange ideas intensively. The forum is free of charge.

Get your seat at the Vector Forum on June 25 in Stuttgart, Germany. . .

Make an appointment with a consultant directly before or after the Forum...

Stimulus: Optimistic in the new year

Problem or solution? An optimist sees more solutions and is more full of life. When you think about problems, the brain releases stress hormones. When we think positive thoughts, it rewards us with feel-good hormones. Difficult? That would be negative thinking now :). You can learn optimism. For example, laughing. Surround yourself with positive people. Write down positive thoughts, ideas and plans, and if it gets really difficult, deal with it in a structured way: Paint or describe the situation on a piece of paper. This organizes your thoughts, and you gain clarity and find better solutions than in diffuse brooding. And for thought jugglers: brain jogging has been proven to promote solution orientation and resilience. Try your hand at tricky thinking tasks as often as possible. The next Sudoku is waiting.


Join our trainings in Detroit on Safety and Security on 3-5 March 2020

Vector Security Symposium (22 April 2020)

Vector Forum (25 June 2020)

Proceed to our trainings calendar and get latest technology updates. . .

Looking for trainings and workshops to advance your engineering and IT? Contact us for a tailored in-house training at your place and with contents relevant for your specific environment and business...

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